Tribunal & Court Room Skills



The Tribunal & Court Room Skills course is perfect for those who are looking for a foundation level understanding of a courtroom.

Your first time at court can be a nerve-wracking experience even for the most experienced of police officers. This course will help give you a practical understanding of the court and legal system in the UK and how to prepare for and give evidence at court.


Learning Objectives

By conclusion of the training, learners will be able to;

  • Have a working practical understanding of the court and legal system
  • Describe the roles of prosecution, defense, & a professional witnesses
  • Explain how to prepare for court
  • Describe and understand how to give professional evidence in court
  • Understand the trial process


Course Length

  • 1 Day


Course Suitability

  • Learners from police, law enforcement, government agency, and charity sectors.



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