RSG now provides a range of online behaviour intervention tools to support organisations help users facing life challenges


The Red Snapper Group has strengthened its managed service’s offering by its recent acquisition of the Intervention Hub

The Intervention Hub holds a catalogue of evidence based online interventions that helps people improve their knowledge and skills to deal with a range of issues or difficulties they may face. The Intervention Hub is primarily based on Computerised Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CCBT) which is an endorsed treatment by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE).   The Intervention Hub also incorporates other theoretical models such as mindfulness, desistance theory and dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) amongst other models.  The current service offers 10 ‘hubs’ or programmes such as anger management, alcohol awareness and domestic abuse; several new hubs will be ready by the Autumn for example Knife Crime and Gang Culture and Extremism.

Evidence Based

The Intervention Hub has been used to deliver meaningful impacts for over 2400 users.  71% of Service Users showed positive change based on pre-and post-questionnaires which measure changes in thinking and attitudes with 78% of Service Users stating they would recommend the service.

Martin Jerrold the RSG Group Managing Director commenting on the purchase stated:

We’re very excited about the Intervention Hub.  This latest purchase further strengthens our services offering.  We support our customers by building and training their in-house teams and by building services to take operational work out house, providing intervention, community safety and investigation support services.  RSG will supply the Intervention Hub as a tool to be used by our customers and as a platform to provide interventions directly.  This latter opportunity is particularly satisfying.  Giving the group the opportunity to work directly with service users to make a real difference to people in crisis.’

Jonathan Hussey has been appointed to the Group as head of Interventions and will take the lead on all Intervention Hub matters.  Jonathan is a highly experienced criminal justice practitioner who has worked at the cutting edge of the sector helping to bring real innovation and change to how organisation’s deliver interventions to offenders and service users.

As a company, we are passionate about developing interventions that are accessible, cost effective and evidence based. By utilising the Intervention Hub, we want to help organisations widen their range of services and in doing so, improve service users lives by helping them improve their knowledge and skills to deal with difficult problems.

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