RSG and Police Revision announce new force-wide e-learning partnerships


Red Snapper Group (RSG) and Police Revision are pleased to announce they have entered into a new agreement with Northumbria Police to provide up to 100 officers with access to Police Revision’s comprehensive catalogue of e-learning resources, designed specifically to help officers pass their National Investigators Exams (NIE).

The agreement will allow Northumbria Police to provide its officers with access to not only Police Revision’s array of online resources, including mock exams, exam style questions, video content and tutorials, but also 2x days of face-to-face training, utilising Red Snapper Learning’s (RSL) in-house classroom-based training facilities, designed to assist delegates with classroom tuition as they get closer to taking their exams.

This new agreement marks a watershed moment for Police Revision as the first force-wide purchase since Police Revision’s inception in late 2019 and adds another milestone in a year of exponential growth for the brand. However, this is not Police Revision’s first engagement with a force-wide approach, having already provided a number of forces with free access to the platform during the site’s beta development, including the Metropolitan Police and Norfolk Constabulary.

Furthermore, from November 2020, Police Revision is providing Hampshire Constabulary with a pilot of our digital only and digital and student mentoring service to assist the force’s officers ahead of their upcoming Sergeants and Inspectors exams.

Hampshire Constabulary is working hard to assist under-represented groups to achieve their full potential. Given this laudable aim, Police Revision is delighted to offer our full service, offered at no cost to support the organisation.

If you would like to find out more about how Police Revision can help your force with their NIE or Sergeants and Inspectors exams, please contact or visit

Police Revision recognise the more coordinated approach some forces are taking to support their officers through the exams to ensure maximum chance of success, and are therefore keen to provide force rates for bulk purchase.