Are you ready to make a significant impact on the future of policing in London? Red Snapper Learning is seeking exceptional individuals to join Project CONNECT, the largest IT transformation initiative ever undertaken by the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS). As facilitators, you will play a crucial role in shaping the future of data management and enhancing the effectiveness of policing across the capital. In this blog post, we will explore the exciting opportunities available and why you should consider being part of this groundbreaking project.

Revolutionizing Policing through Project CONNECT:

Project CONNECT is more than just an IT refresh; it represents a transformative shift in how the MPS records and utilizes data. By streamlining processes, enhancing connectivity, and leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Project CONNECT aims to revolutionize policing in London, enabling more efficient operations and improved community safety. As a facilitator, you will be at the forefront of this revolutionary journey, driving positive change and shaping the future of policing.

Facilitator Roles and Responsibilities:

As a facilitator for Project CONNECT, your role will be instrumental in supporting the delivery of training programs. You will bring your policing expertise and contextual knowledge to the topics of intelligence and investigation, ensuring that superusers and end-users are equipped with the necessary skills to leverage the new system effectively. Additionally, you will provide classroom management support, collaborating with external trainers and facilitators to create an engaging learning environment.

Key Requirements:

To succeed as a facilitator on Project CONNECT, we are seeking candidates who meet the following criteria:

1. Policing Background: Candidates must have worked with the MPS within the last 2 years, bringing firsthand knowledge of police procedures and operations.

2. Expertise in Intelligence or Investigation: Strong understanding of intelligence gathering, investigation techniques, proactive management plans, warrants, searches, and related areas is essential.

3. MPS Security Clearance: Due to the nature of the project, possessing current MPS security clearance is a must.

4. Effective Communication Skills: As a facilitator, you will be presenting to small and medium-sized audiences, requiring excellent written and oral communication skills.

5. Adaptability to IT Systems: Experience in using various corporate IT applications and the ability to quickly adapt to new technologies is highly desirable.

Duration and Application:

This exciting opportunity will begin on Monday, September 18th. The program will start with 9 weeks of training, followed by 15 weeks starting on November 20th, with a 2-week break at Christmas. The project is scheduled to conclude in the final week of February 2024.

To apply for a facilitator role on Project CONNECT, please email a copy of your CV to We encourage interested candidates with a policing background to seize this chance to be part of a groundbreaking initiative that will shape the future of policing in London.


Project CONNECT is an unprecedented opportunity for facilitators to contribute to the transformation of the Metropolitan Police Service. By joining Red Snapper Learning, you will play a vital role in empowering officers and staff to embrace new technologies and enhance their capabilities. Take the next step in your career and make a lasting impact on the future of policing. Apply now and be part of this revolutionary journey!

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