Introduction to Intelligence



The Introduction to Intelligence course is perfect for those who are looking for a foundation level of understanding of information gathering and the use of intelligence within the police, law enforcement, government agencies and charity sector.

There are varying standards throughout the world on the protocols required to be safe and successful. What should be common to sectors is the requirement to make sense of what intelligence is gathered and to have a plan to manage, store and disseminate that intelligence appropriately.

To ensure delegates are able to make sense of the intelligence process, the course will look into report writing and what needs to be included and excluded. The course will then look at the process of how to deal with the incoming intelligence and how colleagues and partner agencies should be briefed.


Learning Objectives

By conclusion of the training, Learners will be able to;

  • Record information
  • Apply relevance testing
  • Assess/evaluate intelligence
  • Disseminate intelligence
  • Deliver an intelligence briefing


Course Length

  • 4 Days


Course Suitability

  • Learners from police, law enforcement, government agencies and charity sector.


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