Internet, Intelligence, & Assessment Training



The Internet, Intelligence & Investigation (III) course is perfect for those who are looking build knowledge in identification, handling, and verification of digital information and the legislation around it, within the police, law enforcement, government agency, and charity sectors.

III is a powerful tool against crime, however, the collection of internet data and information is heavily regulated. Improper use of the internet for investigative purposes can put an investigator and their employer at physical, financial, and legal risk. Therefore, it is vital that legal and ethical standards are followed when conducting investigative activity online. Learn how in this course.


Learning Objectives

By the conclusion of the training, learners will be able to;

  • Understand legislation and policy in regard to Internet, Intelligence and Investigation (III) activity on the internet (formerly known as OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence)
  • Explain key terms in relation to Internet, Intelligence and Investigation (III) activity on the internet
  • Identify reasons for conducting Internet, Intelligence and Investigation (III) research
  • State the issues which should be considered prior to searching for material online
  • Identify the risks when searching for material online
  • State the steps which should be taken when securing potential evidence
  • Explain how search engines can be used in Internet, Intelligence and Investigation (III) research
  • Explain how to use social networks to conduct a search
  • Identify other opportunities for finding Internet, Intelligence and Investigation (III) material


Course Length

  • 1 Day

Course Suitability

  • Learners from police, law enforcement, government agencies and charity sector.


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