Evidence Gathering



The Evidence Gathering course is perfect for those who are looking for a foundation level of understanding of how we gather evidence and the differences between intelligence and information within the police, law enforcement, government, and charity sectors.

This programme ensures that delegates are fully familiar the types of evidence, the sources of evidence that may be gathered, and how to correlate and corroborate the evidence within decision-making.

To ensure delegates are able to make sense of the evidence gathering process, the course will look into statement writing and what needs to be included and excluded.


Learning Objectives

By the conclusion of the training, learners will be able to;

  • Explain the difference between evidence, intelligence, and information
  • Understand what material constitutes evidence
  • Explain and apply the rules of evidence
  • Identify and understand the use of decision logs
  • Explain and apply the National Decision Model in strategy/decision writing
  • Identify and apply risk management
  • Understand the format and structure of written evidence
  • Record the full, detailed, factual evidence required in written evidence


Course Length

  • 2 Days


Featured Modules

  • Legal & procedural frameworks
  • Investigative processes
  • Responding to allegations
  • Management & support
  • Initial response
  • Forensic retrieval
  • Interviewing
  • Supporting complainants


Course Suitability

  • Police and law enforcement agencies
  • Interviewers from all sectors who are involved in visually recorded interviewing witnesses in accordance with achieving best evidence.

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