Professional Development that fits around you: Introducing the Police Oracle Training Academy


The training academy will be complimentary for Police Oracle subscribers. 

Red Snapper Learning is partnering with Police Oracle to deliver training sessions to Police Oracle subscribers.

At Red Snapper Learning, we understand the unique challenges faced by law enforcement professionals and the ongoing necessity to refresh learning and build skillsets. The Police Oracle Training Academy, delivered by Red Snapper Learning, is designed to answer that need. 

We will be offering a range of high-quality courses specifically developed for those working in law enforcement, justice and public safety. From cybercrime and counterterrorism to legal updates and investigation skills, the course catalogue will cover a range of roles within the sector. 

From April, Police Oracle subscribers will receive complimentary access to the Academy which will feature live sessions as well as on-demand modules with a flexibility that can fit around your schedule. 

Our courses are designed and delivered by qualified trainers who bring a wealth of experience and expertise across various aspects of law enforcement. All instructors are affiliated with Red Snapper Learning – our established in-house education and training provider. 

The first session, to launch in April, will be ‘Trauma Informed Practice – Dealing with Fatigue in Policing’. 

This course will cover what a trauma informed approach is, how experiences of trauma affect people, looking at ways to improve safety and support as well as creating a personal action plan. 

Other sessions planned for the year ahead include ‘Best Practice is CCTV Retrieval’, ‘Conflict Management and de-escalation techniques’ as well as ‘Road Victim – Support and After Care’. 

The initial schedule is detailed below. 

Across the coming month, ahead of the official launch, we will be sharing more details about the full access readers will receive and exactly what will be on offer. 

Keep an eye out for our updates and click here to find out more. 

17th April 2024

Trauma-Informed Practice – Dealing with Fatigue in Policing
  • Understand what a trauma informed approach is and why adopting this is good for service users.
  • Understand how experiences of trauma affect people.
  • Look at ways to improve safety and support planning.
  • Think about the impact of working with people affected by trauma and to explore strategies for self-care.
  • Reflect on current practice and create a personal action plan.
Trauma Informed Practice - Outcomes First Group

15th May 2024

Conflict Management – de-escalation techniques
  • Recognise  the barriers to communication
  • Recognise the physical emotional and biological changes that occur during times of stress
  • Discuss models of aggressive behaviour
  • Recognise how conflict occurs
  • Theories underpinning conflict
  • Methods of diffusing conflict
Conflict Management — Relationships Happen

12th June 2024

 Best Practice in CCTV Retrieval 
  • Legislation & Case Law
  • Continuity process
  • Accurate exhibit handling
  • Handling of sensitive material
SFJ Level 3 Award in CCTV Investigation and Retrieval - Red Snapper Learning

17th July 2024

RIPA in relation to Open Source Material
  • Knowledge refresher of RIPA
  • Understand other relevant  key legislation
  • Consider the implications of the use of social media and other open-source data
Regulation of Investigatory Powers - YouTube

14th August 2024

Road Victim – Support and After Care
  • Understand the impact of Road Victims on family & community
  • Identify relevant support and aftercare
  • Understand signposting to support and aftercare
Sutton bones: Road closure, police cordon and no-fly zone remain in place as investigation continues