Red Snapper Learning Enhances NIE Success Rates for MPS Candidates


Red Snapper Learning (RSL), a trusted provider of learning and support services, has been actively supporting the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) for over a year, consistently improving the success rates of MPS candidates for the NIE (National Investigators Exam). Through the comprehensive support package, RSL has contributed to a remarkable increase of approximately 20% in the success rates of MPS candidates during this period. The June exam results further highlight the positive impact of RSL’s assistance, with a significant number of candidates originating from the MPS and achieving exceptional scores.

MPS Candidates Benefit from RSL Support:
For more than a year, RSL has collaborated closely with the MPS, offering tailored learning and support services to candidates preparing for their exams. The partnership has proven highly effective, with RSL’s support package playing a crucial role in enhancing the performance and success rates of MPS candidates.

June Exam Statistics:
The June exam results demonstrate the continued impact of RSL’s support on MPS candidates. Out of all the candidates who took the exam, an impressive 27% originated from the MPS. Furthermore, the MPS ranked 21st among the 45 organisations that submitted candidates for the exam.

Exceptional Performance:
A notable highlight of the June exam was the exceptional performance of 13 MPS candidates. These individuals achieved outstanding scores, distinguishing themselves from their peers. Importantly, all 13 of these exceptional candidates utilised the RSL support package. This achievement serves as a testament to the effectiveness and quality of RSL’s learning resources and guidance.

RSL’s Impact on Candidate Success:
RSL’s ongoing support has proven instrumental in elevating the success rates of MPS candidates. Through their comprehensive learning materials, personalised guidance, and expert advice, RSL has provided candidates with the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in their exams. By leveraging RSL’s support package, MPS candidates have gained a competitive edge, resulting in a substantial increase in their success rates.

Red Snapper Learning’s partnership with the Metropolitan Police Service has had a significant and positive impact on the success rates of MPS candidates. With their tailored support package, RSL has consistently enhanced the performance of candidates, contributing to an approximate 20% increase in success rates throughout their partnership with the MPS. The June exam results further validate RSL’s effectiveness. RSL’s commitment to empowering candidates and improving outcomes continues to solidify its reputation as a leading learning and support provider for law enforcement professionals.