Red Snapper Learning delivers crowd control training to British Virgin Islands Police Force


Red Snapper Learning (RSL), part of the Red Snapper Group (RSG), have been commissioned via the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office to train police officers in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) on how to control crowds and provide safety and security during times of protest or large public gatherings.

David Halling, Head of Learning at RSL describes how the company has helped Royal British Virgin Islands Police Force (RBVIPF) meet these training needs:  

“The FCO on behalf of the RBVIPF required approximately fifty police officers to be trained in Public Order and Crowd Control techniques in preparation for an election due to take place on the Island in the first quarter of 2019.

This course was designed to provide the participants with a comprehensive understanding and experience of crowd control and containment, through the application of Public Order techniques utilising practical scenarios. Gold & Silver Commanders were briefed on the tactics available to them to ensure safe, controlled demonstrations and how to bring disorder under control.

The sessions comprised of instructor led workshops, including presentations, exercises and interactive sessions, designed to encourage and develop knowledge, prepare officers to respond to disorder, thus ensuring the safety of members of the public in the British Virgin Islands remains a priority during demonstrations.

Officers of the RBVIPF have now successfully completed three weeks of training, delivered by the Red Snapper Learning team, ensuring that they are prepared to respond to reports of incidents of disorder involving large groups, should the circumstances ever arrive. They will be able to bring disorder safely under control and protect life and property, lawfully and according to the law.”

February 25, 2019 sees the British Virgin Islands go to the polls, for a first general election since 2015. It will also mark the first time in the territory’s political history that four separate political parties are contesting the election where each party has at least one incumbent member sitting in the legislature already .

While the RBVIPF doesn’t directly anticipate riots from the forthcoming election, crowd control tactics may come into play if public disorder were to arise.

Training could also prove useful in the aftermath of another major storm like Hurricane Irma, which hit the BVI in 2017. During that time, police officers were tasked with dealing with large groups of looters and vandals looking to raid local stores and businesses.

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