Red Snapper Learning Continues to Improve Metropolitan Police NIE Results

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Red Snapper Learning are proud to announce that after 6 months of working with the Metropolitan Police, providing a support programme for their National Investigators Exam (NIE) results, we have helped improve the results by 15%.

80% of the candidates that engaged with our support programme passed their exam. Furthermore, delegates who attended 3 or more mentoring sessions scored an average of 61%, a considerable outcome recognising the importance of a well-structured support programme

This bespoke offering for the MPS developed by Red Snapper Learning through Premier Partnerships incorporates the online Police Revision service, mock exams, webinars, classroom events and mentoring support and it has been designed to encourage more officers to sit the NIE by providing the support needed to assist them in becoming a Detective, which in turn helps to solve the current National Detective Shortage Crisis.