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Force trumpets groundbreaking use of new closure orders

20 Nov

Measure designed to help deal with anti-social behaviour used as part of response to alleged people trafficking. More police forces

New Restorative Justice Action Plan Released

19 Nov

Article by Helena Hickey, Police Oracle. Click here to read original post. The Ministry of Justice has released its third

Restorative Justice Week 2014 – 16th to 23rd November –

12 Nov

In support of Restorative Justice week (16th-23rd November) and the announcement of the Spring term tutorials for the BTEC Level

Caution Reforms – Success dependent on ‘imperative’ officer training

04 Nov

Article by Helena Hickey - Police Oracle Officer training is crucial if plans to replace police cautions with suspended prosecutions

New anti-social behaviour powers come into force

27 Oct

Article by Helena Hickey, Police Oracle The number of powers to deal with anti-social behaviour has reduced from 19 to

Owners of aggressive dogs to face fines and ‘dogbos’

24 Oct

Allowing pets to snarl at strangers, threaten postal staff or terrify cats all punishable under laws which came into force

A Toolkit for Implementing Restorative Approaches

16 Oct

Restorative approaches have been proven to improve victim satisfaction and reduce re offending, but they must be implemented correctly. The

New Anti-Social Behaviour Laws Delayed

01 Oct

The government has delayed the introduction of new anti-social behaviour injunctions in order to ensure minors have access to legal

Anti-Social Behaviour Legislation Retains Police Discretion

02 Sep

Article by Jasmin McDermott, Police Oracle Guidance document for officers and staff emphasises role of police in deciding appropriate action

Officers must be ‘forensically aware’ to avoid contamination

11 Aug

Article by Jasmin McDermott, Police Oracle Academic believes awareness training among police officers will greatly improve possible contamination issues at