Bullying & Misogyny

Misogyny Awareness and Anti-Sexism

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To support participants in identifying and appropriately challenging sexism and sexist language, gender stereotyping, and misogynistic behaviour.



By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define misogyny and sexism and the impact of these behaviours on individuals and society
  • Develop their understanding of misogyny, why and how it is maintained in society
  • Demonstrate the use of gender-neutral language
  • Implement the tools needed to desist from misogynistic behaviours and challenge their own thinking and others appropriately


Course Outline

  • What is meant by sexism and misogyny and some definitions of these?
  • Recognising misogyny and sexism, using case studies and real-life scenarios
  • Examining the impact of every sexism and misogyny
  • The importance of challenging inappropriate behaviours and practising them

Course Enquiry