Investigative Interviewing



Our three-day Investigative Interviewing course is designed to equip you with relevant skills and techniques to conduct effective interviews with victims, witnesses, and suspects with integrity and in accordance with corporate guidelines, the law, and regulations.

It is founded upon the principles of a widely used and acclaimed ‘P.E.A.C.E.’ Framework of interviewing, internationally recognized as the most ethical, and thoroughly proven model to guide the interview process.

Learning Objectives

By conclusion of the training, Learners will be able to;

  • Understand how to make an initial assessment of the interviewee prior to conducting an interview including vulnerability and communication needs
  • Demonstrate how to use the PEACE interview model (cognitive interview and conversation management structures) when planning and preparing for the interview
  • Demonstrate how to start an interview following the engage and explain stage of the PEACE model of interviewing
  • Demonstrate how to conduct an interview following the account, clarification and challenge stage in the PEACE interviewing model
  • Describe how to deal with any contingencies during the interview
  • Appraise how to use an established technique in order to maintain ongoing notes during the interview
  • Evaluate how to close an interview following the closure stage in the PEACE interviewing model
  • Assess the actions that must be taken after the close of the interview
  • Evaluate how the interview went in line with the PEACE interviewing model


Course Length

  • 3 Days

Course Suitability

  • Learners from any section looking to gain fundamental interviewing skills and techniques


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