Police Oracle & Red Snapper Learning Webinar Events


Red Snapper Learning (RSL) partnered with Police Oracle, creating the Police Oracle Training Academy which provides FREE monthly webinars in key subject areas spanning Investigative Practices from our Public Safety Division and Equality Diversity and Inclusion from our EDI division as well as Leadership Training.


RSL have committed to delivering this training to benefit the readership of Police Oracle and to engage in discussion on topic areas that are of benefit to both individuals and organisations alike, specifically in the Bluelight and Regulatory bodies, but also reaching wider to new audiences who are able to identify the benefits of professional training in these subject areas.


Delegates have been benefiting from the direct delivery of these free webinars and we have experienced excellent engagement and feedback. The webinars also allow organisations to see examples of the work that we do, the professionalism and expertise of trainers/hosts to be assured of the quality of our products.


To date we have delivered 7 webinars with 788 delegates in total registering for those webinars covering CPIA (Disclosure), Investigative Interviewing, Trauma Informed Practice, PEACE Interviewing, Dealing with Fatigue in Bluelight Services, Conflict Management, CCTV Retrieval, we have received very positive feedback from these events with a small sample of feedback received below:

Investigative Interviewing: “The presenter was an experienced practitioner in the use of the model. The presentation was clear and followed a logical structure. Online teaching/presenting can offer unique challenges in developing co-operative learning, particularly in a short taster session. The presenter was professional, delivered at an appropriate pace, and provided a succinct overview of some relatively complex and nuanced material. Such courses, as noted, will take numerous days to deliver meaningfully.”

CPIA (Disclosure) Training: “The way the presenter made a potentially dry subject, enlightening and interesting” “Disclosure is an ongoing process and with a number of prosecution cases in our office it was a timely refresher.” 

Dealing with Fatigue in Bluelight Services: “I found all of it interesting, especially compassion fatigue-refuel training, Generational Policing, Working with the perpetrator versus Victim, Behaviour shifts - anticipated threats, Policing versus effects of own parenting, Resilience and having those awkward conversations."


At Red Snapper Learning we are delighted with the reception of our free webinars and will be continuing the programme, to see and register for forthcoming events for the remainder of the year please follow the link.