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Course Details

SCAIDP – Specialist Child Abuse Investigation Development Programme


The Specialist Child Abuse Investigation Development Programme (SCAIDP) is a specialist course aimed at developing investigators working within the Child Abuse Investigation arena.

Incorporating National Occupational standards (NOS) and College of Policing Guidelines, RSL courses address the requirements, requisite knowledge and understanding required to perform this role.

History, legislation, psychology and a range of areas are covered within this training package.

Learning Objectives

Learners will leave this course trained at the appropriate level to enable them to:

  • Develop an understanding of the ranges of child development and identify vulnerabilities of child development in the context of abuse, including understanding the paediatrician perspective in terms of non-accidental injury
  • Develop an understanding of sexual offending behaviour including grooming and apply the knowledge to child abuse investigations
  • Develop a sensitive, ethical and anti-discriminatory approach through policing principles in identifying, assessing and responding to complaints of child abuse and evaluate risk factors within the investigation
  • Develop an understanding of the multi-agency working approach; the practices, policy, procedures and legislation that binds the working relationship together in Child Abuse Investigations

Course Length

  • 5 days

Featured Modules

  • Child development in context of abuse
  • Understanding sexual offending behaviour
  • Investigating child abuse
  • Multi-agency working – in practice
  • Safeguarding
  • Attachment & Development
  • Behaviour & Assessment
  • Trauma, Facts & Statistics
  • Offences

Course Suitability

  • Police and law enforcement agencies
  • Investigators from all sectors who are involved in investigating child abuse

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