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Course Details

Safeguarding – Children


You could be the only person to observe the signs of abuse and have the single opportunity to raise child safeguarding concerns.

Are you confident you would be able to spot the signs, and if you did, would you know how to take action?

RSL offer a series of courses covering safeguarding which can be delivered to multiple audiences and set at any level from basic to the most advanced.

All RSL course are bespoked to the specific needs of the client and comply with National Occupational Standards (NOS).

We also have trainers who can deliver the Specialist Child Abuse Investigators Development Programme (SCAIDP) course.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course the students will be able to:

  • Define the Types and Signs of Abuse
  • Explain Statutory Responsibilities
  • Explain Serious Case Reviews
  • Outline how to Respond to Allegations
  • Outline how to Communicate with Children
  • Explain Information Sharing

Course Length

  • 1 – 5 days dependent on client need

Featured Modules

  • Types of abuse
  • Safeguarding
  • Legislation and Policy
  • Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Serious Case Reviews
  • Neglect
  • Multi Agency Working
  • Safeguarding Hubs
  • Risk Assessment
  • Achieving Best Evidence
  • Communicating with Children

Course Suitability

Any organisation or agency that interacts with children in any capacity.

Please note, this course is not for individuals. We only deliver this course to organisations with 5 or more delegates.

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