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NIE and NPPF Support Packages


Red Snapper Learning (RSL) take the approach that every candidate is capable of passing the NIE and NPPF exams.

Critical to shaping our service architecture is the knowledge that each year approximately half of all candidates pass the exam using standard study aides.

Central to our approach will be the use of mock exam assessments to segment each cohort into three streams of candidates.

All candidates will be mandated to complete a mock exam assessment.  The results direct the initial streaming outcome, the second mock exam assessment will direct further movement of candidates from one stream to another based on the outcome.

Our approach will allocate finite resources in a smart way to focus more resource on the candidates who require a greater level of support to pass whilst providing the correct level of support for candidates who pass with the standard level of support.

Levels of Support

The streaming approach works on the principle that everyone can pass with the right support and those requirements vary from person to person:

Stream 1 receives our e-learning platform; our ‘Ask-a-Tutor’ digital question and answer service and attends monthly webinars.

Streams 2 receives our e-learning platform; our ‘Ask-a-Tutor’ digital question and answer service, attends monthly webinars and attends four virtual classroom events.

Stream 3 receives our e-learning platform; our ‘Ask-a-Tutor’ digital question and answer service, attends monthly webinars, attends four virtual classroom events, and will be allocated a one-on-one mentor tutor.

As with all RSL training, revision support, the streaming levels can be tailored depending on each clients requirements.

Police Revision Platform

RSL will issue access to its core study aide www.PoliceRevision.com to all candidates for the programme. Police Revision delivers a comprehensive product in line with the NIE syllabus.  It utilises audio, video, and a text-based format to engage the modern learner and to ensure MPS accessibility requirements are met.  The development team have all benefited from the real-life experience of studying for, and passing the NIE and NPPF exams, as well as performing the role of practitioners.

View a detailed breakdown of the support service here

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