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Course Details

ICT / Social Media


These course give those staff using ICT systems  the skills and knowledge they require to be able to fulfil their roles efficiently.

Our ICT Packages are only available to organisations with existing access to the relevant database.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course the student will be able to:

  • Explore  the data the system contains and the uses to which it can be put.
  • Describe the rules and relevant legislation governing Data Security .
  • Describe the rules and relevant legislation governing access .
  • Explain how to obtain information .
  • Describe and demonstrate the purpose and use of the system.
  • Describe the categories of information held within.
  • Demonstrate the ability to retrieve and interpret the categories of information held .
  • Demonstrate the ability to search.

Please note:  clients are required to provide the necessary IT equipment and software.   Students will require user names and passwords.

Course Length

The course duration is dependent on the content and can vary dependent on  training needs and requirements.

Featured Modules

Working on behalf of clients within the criminal investigation sector, RSL have proven experience of the design, review and delivery of national policing programmes

  • HOLMES 2
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  • HOLMES 2
Office manager
  • HOLMES 2
Disclosure officer
  • Open source
  • PNC
  • I2
User – intelligence analysis

Targeted Client Sectors

  • Police and law enforcement agencies.

Please note, this course is not for individuals. We only deliver this course to organisations with 5 or more delegates.

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