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Course Details

Digital Evidence Awareness


We live and work in a world of constant change. There is a need to recover  and analyse digital data that can now be found within the many devices that are within day to day use. Such data can supply vital evidence in investigations – this course will provide learners with the knowledge to gather such evidence.

RSL run a broad based digital evidence awareness course for police and other agencies working within law enforcement.

Our courses are bespoked to the needs of the client and can be set at any level required.

Learning Objectives

Learners will leave the course with an understanding of:

  • Legislation and current policies and procedures
  • Search warrants
  • Seizure rules
  • Examination and evaluation
  • The importance of documented decision making

Course Length

  • 2 to 3 days

Featured Modules

  • Building Blocks
  • Risk
  • Warrants
  • Seizure
  • Packaging
  • Triage
  • Examination
  • Safeguarding
  • Sources
  • RIPA
  • CPIA
  • CJPA
  • ACPO / NPCC policies
  • NDM / NIM

Course Suitability

  • Police
  • Immigration
  • Local Authorities
  • Central Government
  • Prisons
  • Probation
  • National Crime Agency / CEOP

Please note, this course is not for individuals. We only deliver this course to organisations with 5 or more delegates.

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