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Course Details

BTEC Level 3 Advanced Award in Anti Social Behaviour Case Working


Many organisations employ staff whose roles and responsibilities are to assist in stopping anti-social behaviour. They have diverse range of tools and legislative powers to help tackle this nuisance and criminal behaviour and allow our communities to feel safer.

This qualification is for candidates who either aspire to be, or are already working in the field of investigation or prevention of anti-social behaviour and neighbourhood nuisance and will enable the candidate to confidently carry out their work and become a qualified case worker.

Learning Objectives

This qualification consists of 5 units:

  • Information and Data Sharing
  • Tools and Powers
  • Investigation and Evidence Gathering
  • Interviewing, Note Taking and Statement Writing
  • Instructing Legal Teams and Giving Evidence in Court

For the specific learning outcomes for each unit please see the relevant tab below:

Information & Data Sharing

  • To develop and enhance candidates’ skills and techniques in using nuisance and anti-social behaviour tools and legislative powers in partnership and to develop rigorous and ethical approaches in their successful use
  • Describe the tools and legislative powers available to lawfully exchange and share information and data with public authority partner agencies
  • Explain and evaluate when, where, why and how Information and data exchange procedures and protocols should be used to share information and data
  • Examine local Information Sharing Protocols and Home Office template


Tools & Powers

  • Describe the current tools and legislative powers available to tackle anti-social and nuisance behaviour
  • Explain and evaluate when, where, why and how tools and powers should be used to tackle anti-social and nuisance behaviour
  • Identify and compare the diverse network of organisations that provides assets, resources and powers to tackle anti-social behaviour


Investigation & Evidence Gathering

  • To develop and enhance candidates skills and techniques in investigation techniques, tasking and coordination, analytical techniques and intelligence products, standards of proof, planning, preparation and collection of evidence, types of evidence and the Police & Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE)
  • Describe the investigative techniques used to effectively carry out an impartial investigation into anti-social and nuisance behaviour
  • Recognise and apply the different types of evidence gathering processes
  • Identify and compare the disciplines used within the National Intelligence Model
  • Practical evidence presentation
  • Practical statement writing
  • Community harm statements
  • Risk assessments


Interviewing, Note Taking and Statement Writing

  • To develop and enhance candidates skills and techniques in interviewing perpetrators, witnesses and victims, develop robust note taking abilities and to be able to present evidence for court proceedings in a statement
  • Effectively plan and prepare for an investigative interview and be prepared for a number of different responses that the subject may adopt. Be flexible in the use of different questioning techniques
  • Effectively structure interviews with suspects and non-suspects
  • To make appropriate and accurate written records and notes
  • Practical statement writing that complies with the format expected
  • Community harm statements


Instructing Legal Teams and Giving Evidence

  • To develop and enhance candidate’s skills and techniques in instructing legal teams and representatives to successfully obtain legislative powers needed to moderate nuisance and anti-social behaviour
  • Describe the pre and post court procedures available to instruct legal teams or representatives
  • Explain and evaluate when, where, why and how the pre and post court procedures should be used to tackle anti-social and nuisance behaviour
  • Identify and compare disclosure procedures within the pre and post court procedures
  • Assess and analyse the presentation of evidence techniques in relation to giving evidence on cases of nuisance and anti-social behaviour in a court of law
  • Practical evidence giving in different court settings


This course has been delivered to over 1500 candidates from a range of backgrounds including but not limited to:

  • Housing Providers
  • The Police
  • Local Authorities
  • Youth Offending Teams
  • Fire and Rescue Service
  • Community Safety Partnership members

This qualification has been adopted by a number of local authorities and housing providers as the primary training programme for new and existing anti-social behaviour or community safety teams.

Cost & Delivery Options

The course consists of 50 hours of learning, made up as follows:

  • pre and post tutorial reading and assignments
  • 2 tutorial training days

The one off enrolment fee for this qualification is £595 + VAT per student and includes:

  • All mandatory taught tutorial dates
  • All required course materials
  • Access to Red Snapper Learning’s E-Learning Portal (which includes any relevant updates to legislation, National Occupational Standards and best practice, enabling the student to maintain their learning and continuing professional development)
  • All certification and qualification costs
  • Procurement savings may be available for group bookings or in house courses, contact us for more details

This qualification can be delivered either in house or at regular open programme tutorials delivered across the country.

The next scheduled tutorials for this qualification are being delivered at the following dates and venues throughout the UK as part of our national open programme. Please contact us for more information on future courses

We can also deliver this qualification to your organisation or partnership “in house” (minimum numbers required) to find out more about in house courses please click here.


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