Commencement of New ASB Civil Injunction Legislation – Monday 23rd March 2015

An official source from the Tackling Crime Unit with the Crime Directorate of the Home Office has said the delayed injunction which was expected to be commenced in October 2014 will now be commenced on Monday 23rd March 2015.

This legislation will replace anti-social behaviour injunctions (ASBI) with a new ‘civil injunction’.

The new system also includes powers to require a person to take ‘positive action’ to reform, such as joining a rehabilitation programme. Failure to do this is contempt of court which can result in a prison sentence or a fine, while breaching other parts of the injunction would trigger a possession order, leading to eviction.

The Ministry of Justice will has said it will complete the legislative changes to the legal aid system to ensure the commencement date of the Civil Injunction.

Until Part 1 of the Civil Injunction comes into force, the ASBO on application and Anti-social Behaviour Injunctions will remain in place.

Authorities have been instructed to follow the statutory guidance, released in July 2014 which can be found here.

The CSP Academy has supported over 200 organisations in the preparation and practical application of the new powers. Areas covered include:

• Impact on Youth Services and YOTS
• DIY Injunction and Advocacy
• Policy Writing
• Consultancy on site
• CSP/area wide implementation plans
• Awareness braising for partner organisations and Council members
• Impact of positive requirements
• Partnership Working
• Information Sharing
• Case building & court presentation and applications

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